Short Vacation

Short Vacation

Just for today, repress advice
that the world is not so nice.
For just one day, forget the slime.
Pretend the world’s once more sublime.
Let’s hop aboard our little dingy,
grab that picnic hamper thingy
and simply sail our fears away.
Escape the news, just for today.


Prompts today are sublime, dingy, repress and advice. Here are the links:
http://FOWC with Fandango — Dingy

7 thoughts on “Short Vacation

  1. slmret

    It’s not easy to escape the news these days — and it’s all so awful that it’s not easy to maintain a positive outlook! I love the idea of hopping in a dingy and sailing the fears away! I’ve tried to cut way back on the news I watch — but then something else happens to capture my attention. I do try to keep a positive outlook — easier done on a personal level than more globally.

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  2. Marilyn Armstrong

    If the election goes well, that WILL be a vacation. I can stop having political nightmares and wondering when someone is going to shoot Garry because he’s brown or me because I’m Jewish. Maybe both of us for being married to each other.

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