Trick or Treaters

Trick or Treaters

We only had 11 Trick or Treaters who braved the drizzly Halloween weather to visit us for treats. this was half the crowd we had last year Unfortunately, I snapped the first, a baby who called me “Mama” and smiled and held his hands out to be picked up and only later discovered there was no SD card in the camera.  Sad.  He was such a cutie and would have walked right in to spend the evening if his mom hadn’t stopped him.  The photos I did get are not great as for some reason my camera, only 6 months old, seems not to be focusing with the same precision as before. Double Sad.  Here are the cuties, as I caught them. They were a bit soggy but with the exception of one, a pretty happy bunch. Can you identify the kids who came last year who returned this year? There’s a link to last year’s meangerie above, captured in orange.

Click on the first photo to enlarge all.

10 thoughts on “Trick or Treaters

  1. slmret

    I think we had just one group of kids, around 7:30 — I was upstairs on the telephone, and had the lights out downstairs, but heard them go by. Your pics look pretty good, but could the flash be causing some of the issue — if the flash has a narrower depth of field than the lens, that could cause a problem, or if the flash focuses differently than the lens, or if the flash isn’t strong enough for the distance ~ ~ ~ Love the little guy in the doorway (the one that’s also with his mom).


  2. The Haunted Wordsmith

    I miss getting trick-or-treaters. The town does a trunk-or-treat and two neighborhoods go all out that every drives their kids to. We didn’t have anyone in a three block radius trick-or-treat.


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