And Make it Zippy!!!

An Open Letter to Panasonic, Apple and Ziplock

Since it is true, I must report–
my phone cord’s always two feet short
of reaching from the wall connection
towards my office desk’s direction.
And Apple power cords, for heaven’s sake.
Could they make one that doesn’t break?

Why don’t Ziplocks really zip?
Why can’t I ever find the lip
to pull the damn thing easily closed?
Nothing’s as simple as supposed.
So to the fellows who design,
please listen to these words of mine:

This customer is getting miffed.
Please don’t hold her in short shrift.
Assure me that the fault’s not mine
by bettering your weak design.
Just make your flipping phone cords longer!
Ziplocks zippier, Mac cords stronger!

In the interim, I’ll use
tape and rubber bands and glues.
My power cord’s life they will assure
and keep my plastic bags secure.
I’ll shove my desk over on my own
to try to reach the blooming phone.

But finally I’m sure I’ll snap
and cease to buy your ill-formed crap.
So get my drift and make some changes.
A thing like this is what deranges
and drives us to cell phones, PC’s,
and covered bowls to store our cheese!!!!

For the Ragtag prompt: Zip

10 thoughts on “And Make it Zippy!!!

  1. rugby843

    Apple cords are horrid. And my iPad charger port is now loose or something so I have to be really careful or it just dies. I think these problems are intentional to make you buy new whatever it is. Seems like nothing lasts anymore. I do admit I use my iPad constantly. My laptop was too slow.


    1. lifelessons Post author

      I’m having problems because I’m uploading 83,000 photos from my Macbook Pro to the iCloud. My new Air as well as my iPone are connected as well with the result that I can’t get photos edited to get on my blog. It’s a mess.


  2. Marilyn Armstrong

    1. Order a longer cord. They are cheap as dirt on Amazon.
    2. I just ordered a new (longer) replacement for my MacbookAir that has a longer cord and supposedly a stronger magnet. Lots of people really think that connector is the worst part of the Apple design.

    The cats will get you anyway. And ALL those cats? You are joyfully doomed.


    1. lifelessons Post author

      I think they make the magnet weak on purpose because the Mac Air is so light that this way if you trip over it or catch it by mistake, it will disconnect instead of pulling the computer off the table. It is maddening though, how easy it disconnects. I brought my Macbook Pro to the states and ordered a new air delivered to Forgottenman’s. When we went to Minnesota, I took the Pro but the cord of the Air, so I had to buy a new cord for the Pro.. Ninety bucks for an obsolete cord as the Pro is a 2013 model and they’ve changed the cord since. Grief. I just couldn’t face four days without a computer. Yep. I’m addicted.


  3. Patti

    The new Ziploc bags have a raised tab at the top that is easy to grip and makes them easier to open. Sometimes manufacturers do listen! Perhaps they don’t have them in Mexico yet.


    1. lifelessons Post author

      The problem is getting the double-sealed ones shut. Or, getting the top plastic part cut off or pulled off in frozen vegetables, etc. They have a line, but it never rips off along that line and if you cut it there, often it is still sealed. Seems a simple thing.



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