I’m held captive by your wrinkles, dear, enraptured by your ripples.
I love your freckles and your moles and all of nature’s stipples.
They are sacred landmarks. When I find one that is new,
I must give thanks to nature for adding more of you.

Sometimes with the darkness around us rich and deep,
my mind goes on a walkabout as you lie asleep.
The roadmap of your body is the terrain that I pace—
the ravines and the gullies and your face’s fragile lace.

Some bemoan the changes that nature brings about,
and they bring a different beauty. It’s true, without a doubt.
But as I trace each special feature of your body and your face,
I’m reassured that nature’s carving instills a deeper grace.


The prompt words today are ripple, special, enrapture and sacred. Here are links:

6 thoughts on “Roadmap

  1. lifelessons Post author

    Yes, I know I’ve used this photo before and I have other wonderful photos of this lovely lady, but she passed away this year and this is my favorite. Since it perfectly illustrates, for me, the beauties of aging, I had to use it again. Probably for the fourth time! The poem is brand new. R.I.P., Virginia.

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    1. lifelessons Post author

      Just like that lady. I miss seeing her in passing. She used to model in all the fashion shows as well. She was modeling the day I took this photo, at the local Mexican crafts feria. What a smile. What fashion sense. Always a pleasure to see her. She was a walking work of art.

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