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Venetian Dreams


Venetian Dreams

The year we did the Grand Canal,
I came home feeling humble.
My own life just seemed so banal.
My dreams began to crumble.

My life was filled with piety
of very little note.
None of the notoriety
could my First Baptist quote

compared to all the beauty
I’d seen in St. Mark Square.
I felt it was my duty
to be living over there.

I needed no incitement.
My life here seemed so rote.
I needed the excitement
of traveling by boat.

Though it seemed an overindulgence,
I sought to be alone.
I needed the effulgence
of sun shining on old stone.

I could sell my small red Honda,
put my jewelry in hock.
(I had visions of a gondola
waiting at the dock.)

I imagined a “For Sale” sign
in front of my small home.
It seemed a “Get out of Jail” sign.
This housewife sought to roam.

If it sold within two fortnights
I could take off, traveling solo.
I could trade in Sunday sportnights
for a flight to Marco Polo!

I would feel I was at home again.
I’d missed the sights of Venice.
I wanted to be where I’d been,
free from all the menace

of getting three kids off to school
and ironing hubby’s shirts.
I sought to trade the Golden Rule
for romantic nights and flirts.

I’d give up school bake sales
for pannetone and gelato
eaten with Italian males.
“Me First” would be my motto.

I tried to conjure the Rialto,
but I saw the Bridge of Sighs
as my sound track’s rich contralto
assumed a different guise.

“Mommy, Mommy! was the chorus
of my shattered dream.
My stone fantasies were porous,
issuing a frantic stream

of nightmare shrieks and pleadings.
I started down the hall.
My daughter’s midnight needings
my most urgent call.

The canals were left in shambles
as verity flooded in.
So much for fantasy gambles.
My real life won again!

The prompt word today are canal, overindulgence and humble.




There is no need to instigate a further conversation.
I do not wish to carry on further investigation.
Your research notes are copious. You are immersed in piles of them.
Why must you accumulate miles and miles and miles of them?

Please, conquer your obsession. Let us get on with our lives.
Your number one obsession has me breaking out in hives!
I rue the day I prompted you to have a little look
at what I just considered an entertaining book.

I didn’t have a single clue–not an inkling that
you would quickly be obsessed with the Vampire Lestat!
A Discovery of Witches then joined your Zombie thing.
Every occult creature in graveyard or on wing

has seemed to colonize your mind, squeezing out all other
former occupations: football, hockey and your mother!!!
This is an intervention. I’m unplugging the TV,
seizing all your Anne Rice books. Replacing them with me.

Try to read me like a book. Look here into my eyes.
Vampires aren’t the only creatures who can mesmerize.
We’ll toss your zombies in a pile and stage a mass cremation.
Our sex life should improve a lot with their elimination.

I won’t need to bite your neck. My seductions won’t be gory.
They’ll be the furthest thing from an American Horror Story.
Things that go bump in the night need not all make you wary.
Let me raise your pulse rate by a means that is less scary!!!

Prompt words today are immerse, copious, extreme and instigate.


Ta Ta

images-1                                                jdbphoto

Ta Ta

It’s an exquisite loss, your going away,
and it’s also timely, I’m given to say.
You may find it inane that I’m saved while you’re lost,
but it’s true that some friendships come at a cost.
You’ve departed, it’s clear. This I so plainly see,
but your leaving has given me something back: me!


Prompt words today are timely, inane, lost and exquisite.


Overheard In the Home for Retired Musicians

Overheard in the Home for Retired Musicians

I’m stymied by your crepitus. Your embouchure’s divine.
If you don’t have your own tune, would you harmonize with mine?
Your tonality is breathtaking, your rhythm right on beat.
Your syncopation’s perfect. I fear I can’t compete.
As we play, our joints keep time. My knees snap, crackle, pop.
If our music were to lead to love, you’d have to be on top!


The prompt words today are crepitus, stymie, breathtaking and embouchure.


The Self-made Woman


The Self-made Woman

Her metamorphosis complete, she found it all a bore.
No longer did she slurp her soup or lumber ‘cross the floor
when executing dancing moves like a gliding waltz.
She’d perfected her curtsy and all that other schmaltz
She had no real resentment for all that they had taught her,
but rather had a grudging sense that all these manners caught her
securely in a web of a great subterfuge she’d learned
simply to insure there was no way that she’d be spurned
when she chose to exercise her wiles on some poor chap
looking for a trophy wife to perch upon his lap.

And so the day she graduated, she set out to prove
that all these pretty charms were not all that might behoove
a clever girl in life, and she got her law degree,
opened up a practice and then set out to be
the smartest woman charm school ever set out on the path,
by adding jurisprudence and biology and math
to her former curriculum of poise and table setting,
thus curtailing some of her yachting and Corvetting,
by building a sure future dependent on her self
and turning into more than just a trophy on a shelf.


Today’s prompt words are lumber, resentment and metamorphosis.


The Monarch of Plastic: Jan 5, 2019

 The Monarch of Plastic

We’re up against the wall, now—climbing, scratching, pawing,
as behind us in the ice, monsters are quickly thawing.
We have great gratitude for life and all the joys it brings,
but now we have to pay the price for all our pretty things.
Those lovely cars that speed us on toward our various pleasures
now ask their price in taking from us other dearer treasures.—
Breath and water we might drink and swim in with no thought—
those departing natural things our pretty toys have bought.
Plastic for our jar tops, plastic for our carrying,
pretty soon this plastic will be handy for our burying.
In the hilltops safe above our ocean’s spreading grasp,
the king of plastic sits surveying his world’s parting gasp.
Still he does not worry, for he feels safe on his throne.
unaware that one day he’ll enjoy this world alone.

 The prompts today are wall, gratitude and thawing


Life in the Abstract


Life in the Abstract

. . .  has more temptations,
fewer rules and more vacations.
Responsibility’s not a goal.
It has more texture, has more soul.
Life, as imagined, has more shiver.
More tiramisu and less liver.
More giggling and foolishness.
Less lecturing and mulishness.
Oh, that life could be less literal.
More exciting and more clitoral!

The prompt words today are abstract, responsibility, goal and temptation.