Gazania Still Life: FOTD Dec. 22, 2018

IMG_3671 2

I tried cropping, but I love the wire, the cracked pot, the unruly grass. Had to put it all back. I’m pretty sure this is a Gazania, mainly judging from the one on the left.



13 thoughts on “Gazania Still Life: FOTD Dec. 22, 2018

      1. slmret

        I’m headed out today for Santa Barbara — will be there till Jan 3, “celebrating” Christmas, New Year’s, and another birthday! Should be more relaxed than last trip, but there’s still legal stuff that needs help..


    1. lifelessons Post author

      No, I haven’t either. I’ve never seen one one-colored or with such wide and rounded petals overlapping like that, but I agree the leaves did it first–plus the skinny-petaled new bloom that hasn’t plumped out yet.

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      1. Lwbut

        I’ve got some pure yellow ones and yellow with orange/golden lower parts to the petals (which are rounder and not pointed like yours)

        I wonder if it could have cross-pollinated with something?


          1. Lwbut

            I checked the yellow ones today…

            Had exactly the Orange ones petal pattern but for more rounded ends.

            Man’s gotta do… whatever he damn well feels like doing and the hell with the consequences!

            Someone else can clean up the mess so long as I get any credit! 😦



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