Intervening with the Solstice

Intervening with the Solstice

They’re intervening with the solstice. We’re requiring more light,
though adding one more month to summer simply isn’t right.
They’ll put a manmade light up in the sky next to the sun.
We’ll have summer the whole year through once mankind is done!
Next, they’ll augment infinity and make the rain much wetter.
There’s nothing like a mortal man for making nature better!

For another poem on the subject of the solstice, go HERE.

The prompts are solstice, intervene and infinity.

15 thoughts on “Intervening with the Solstice

  1. slmret

    Love this! In November, California authorized its legislature to attempt to eliminate Daylight Saving Time — I hope they will move to summer time year-round! It must be passed in the state legiislature and approved by the Feds (not sure who) before anything changes.


    1. lifelessons Post author

      Daylight Savings Time has to be the most ridiculous measure ever passed. In this day and age with electric lights, the roads are as light as day anyway. What is the purpose?


          1. slmret

            That extra hour would be most welcome here, but we’re about 800-1,000 miles south of South Dakota, I was amazed that I could read outside so late when I traveled to New York!


          2. slmret

            It’s not so much a difference east-to-west, except within a time zone, as it is the difference north to south. The closer you are to the equator, the closer the natural sunrise and sunset are to 6 am/pm (12-hour days), I’m a little surprised you don’t notice it where you are, although if you’re an early riser you probably wouldn’t. DST is really just a counting or measurement issue — if you want more light in the summer evenings, you change to DST — I was taught that the farmers wanted DST because they could feed/milk the cows an hour earlier (hah — same sun-time, different measurement time). Later I learned that it had something to do with conservation of energy during wartime — not a bad idea now when we need to conserve energy too!


          3. slmret

            It all has to do with the tilt of the earth’s axis as it goes around the sun. In summer, the axis tilts towards the sun in the northern hemisphere and away from the sun in the southern hemisphere. Thus, the farther north you are the more sunlight you get in the summer.


  2. koolkosherkitchen

    Enjoying summer all year round, we live through hurricane seasons, tropical storm seasons, and tourist seasons (the most annoying of all, but necessary for local economy), and everything else Mother Nature throws our way. I don’t think it should be up to humans to start fiddling with her; she tends to take revenge.

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