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A Marital Discourse on The Subject of Light Exercise

A Marital Discourse on The Subject of Light Exercise

You breakfast, lunch and tea and sup,
hardly ever getting up.
I say that we should take a ride
just to get us both outside,

and thus do I precipitate
a lively marital debate—
you flummoxed by my rude suggestion
that interferes with your digestion.

So I employ another means
to distract you from your franks and beans.
Feeling youthful and impulsive,
I chance your finding it repulsive

and suggest that we go dancing
and perhaps do some romancing,
whereupon you rise and shriek
that your demise I surely seek.

Dancing at our advanced age?
You spit and sputter, in a rage,
and since for minutes you don’t pause,
at least you exercise your jaws.

Prompt words today are precipitate, flummoxed, shriek, impulsive, employ and ride.

Wayward Duck

Wayward Duck

A wayward duck up on a hill.
He don’t come down and never will.
He invents reasons to stay up.
Comes down to buy his food to sup.
Recharges rum, then up he goes
to computerize and then to doze.
Seeks neither censure nor promotion.
Tries to fend off gross emotion.
Keeps himself up on a shelf.
Communes with no one but himself
except online where he comports
with on-air folks of different sorts.
For though he might seem misbegotten,
here on air he’s not forgotten.

Prompt words today are recharge, promote, wayward, invent, duck and hill.



I’m circumspect about temptation,
for though it may cause elation,
due to its duplicity,
it may lead to toxicity.

I believe the oft-heard rumor
that fate has a sense of humor.
Example: you are running late
and seek the airport taxi gate.

When you arrive and reconnoiter
you say you have no time to loiter,
so they let you jump the queue,
but then the taxi runs over you.

Perhaps that only goes to show
there’s some advantage to going slow,
but I believe man’s jubilation
comes from avoiding temptation!

Today’s prompts are temptation, circumspect, toxicity, loiter,
and taxi. Image by Jordan Andrews on Unsplash.

Big Rock Candy Mountain

Big Rock Candy Mountain

Have you heard the allegory of enchanted mountain
with its chocolate boulders and raspberry soda fountain?
Snow on the top is ice cream, but beware, for it’s precipitous
and only accessible to the most felicitous
children who the lessons of politeness have well-learned.
Children who are naughty and selfish will be spurned.
If you think this is impossible and just a silly story,
remember that I told you that it is an allegory.
The wisdom that it teaches is good manners are rewarded,
and though there is no list in life where they are all recorded,
still life tends to give back to us exactly what we give.
If you desire sweet things, that’s what you have to give.


Prompt words today are mountain, spontaneous,
allegory, felicitousice and enchanted,

Unlove Spell # 2


Unlove Spell #2

I don’t swallow your poetry, it’s lacking rhyme and meter.
You fancy yourself as a bard, but you are just a cheater.
Your words are all disposable. I’ve heard them all before.
Your melody discordant as you walk out the door.
I have a little fetish that I stick needles in.
They say it’s made expressly for expunging faithless men.

Prompt words today are  bard, disposable, fetish, cheater, swallow and melody. Joke folks. Not autobiographical.  If you want to read the original Love Charm, go HERE.

Costume Check: The Sunday Whirl Wordle #588

Costume Check

Let me stand here for a moment hidden in the shade,
for my tank top strap is broken right by my shoulder blade.
I’ll shuffle off to mend it when the band starts up again,
but will stand here nearly silent as a statue until then.

My arms are wrapped around me, holding things in place,
for with one side that’s set free, I’m not ready to face
the folks up in the grandstand staring down at me.
Their half-time entertainment I do not want to be!

I’m a living manifestation of how things fall apart,
for the garment that once hugged my frame now hangs below my heart.
The breeze blows yellow pollen downward from the trees
to coat my arms and shoulders and makes me want to sneeze.

Oh that I’d brought the handy shawl Mom thought that I should bring,
I’d now be in the powder room, fixing everything.
Instead, I stand here cross-armed wishing eyes could be averted
so their perusals of my chest could thereby be diverted.

Prompts for The Sunday Whirl Wordle are: shoulder powdery wraps broken shuffle blade stand moment again nearly silence. Image by Racool on Freepix.

Fashion Reveal


Fashion Reveal

Though once judged diabolical , with no rhyme nor reason,
my acts once labeled as commitments of the highest treason,
I have at last been vindicated, judgements now reversed
and I can hold my head up high—an action I’ve rehearsed.

Though once I cowered in my room, at the limits of my sanity,
waiting for the world’s conversion from  its rude inanity,
I’m ready to come out again now all the world agrees
that it is cool to wear your jeans when ripped out at the knees.

Shredded around the ankles, slashed along the thighs,
butt cheeks half revealed to any passing viewer’s eyes.
What once I was reviled for, when down on my luck,
is the coolest fashion now that intact Levis suck.

Prompt words for the day are limit, vindicated, room, diabolic, ready and high. Image by Tyler Nix on Unsplash.


I’ve been having a conversation with Jez who is astonished that I’ve completely worn the letters off ten of the keys on the keyboard of my MacBook Air.  I jokingly said it would be fun to try to compose a poem out of only those ten letters. Actually, nine letters and a period that will come in handy.  The letters are: e i o a s h l n m and . (the period.) The joke is on me, however, as I then felt compelled to actually do it.


Me is I.
I am

Shine on
oh moon
on all
I see.

No man
on me.

I am

A shame
oh shame

I shine
on him.
He shines
me on.

A sin
a sin
I moan
I moan.

a sea

on moon
on sea.

I am alone.
on me.

For the final word on those worn-out letters, go HERE. See-saw!!!

Trump Card

Trump Card

Spin your web. Enact your plan.
Insist you’re of the common man.
Hang a pendant on a chain
Sway it forth and back again
just a dozen times or so,
mesmerizing in its flow.

If you mollify their fears
with promises placed in their ears,
you need give them little proof.
Just call the liberals aloof
and assure them that you’re not.
They’ll overlook your sins and yacht.

Call black white and call white black.
Blame others for what they lack.
Forbid care for the halt and lame.
Point a finger, blame the blame.
Soon they’ll have you in their head.
Certain folks like to be led.

Monkey see and monkey do.
The gullible will follow you

Prompt words today are follow, mollify, monkey,  dozen and gullible.

Vacation Plans

Vacation Plans

Since my store of giddy-up is no longer stellar,
I’m limiting vacation plans to rooftop room and cellar.
My travel guru’s dubious. She says I’ll change my mind.
She thinks I’m merely ground down by the daily grind.

Though I rehearse refusals, the practice doesn’t work.
She merely puts them down as a momentary quirk.
In fact she has been needling me to book a new vacation
and poo-poos my refusals to my great perturbation.

My  stubborn change of attitude regarding foreign travel,
she’s sure that she can pick at till it starts to unravel;
but these are the travel plans for which I’d like to vouch.
The scenery is gorgeous between my bed and couch!


Prompt words today are travel, roof, guru, dubious, needle and rehearsal.