Broken Date



Broken Date

Whether twisting my ankle or stubbing my toe,
it’s adventure travel wherever I go.
When I set out, I’m firm in my knowing
just exactly where I am going,
yet somehow I wind up in some other place:
sprawled on the cobblestones, flat on my face.

If I’m due to meet you but I’m a bit late,
if I don’t show up for our scheduled date,
I haven’t forgotten. For sure, I’ve set out.
I’ve tried to get to you, there isn’t a doubt.
If there’s a glitch in my trip’s execution,
It’s something for which I don’t have a solution.

At the end of the day, though I’ve missed our appointment,
and ended up swathed in Band-aids and ointment,
it’s a typical day for the accident prone.
Though I’d like to join you, I end up alone.
I boldly set out, though I rarely arrive,
and count myself lucky that I’m still alive!

image downloaded from the internet.

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