Soul’s Assurance


Soul’s Assurance

Modern advertising urges
we participate in splurges,
touting “things” as means of pleasures
not obtained by other measures.

But our pursuit of all these things
does not give our spirits wings.
Sometimes we just seem bound in them.
Happiness can’t be found in them.

Satisfaction can’t be bought.
That house, that diamond or that yacht
Are merely consolation prizes
that come in many different sizes.

Love can’t be slipped upon a finger.
Houses get sold and yachts don’t linger.
The only thing you get to keep
is what lies buried dark and deep

within yourself—that deep assurance
that is your heart and soul’s  insurance
that it’s been swollen by your life
instead of stolen by your life.

The prompts made use of in this post were pursuit and splurge.

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