The Monarch of Plastic: Jan 5, 2019

 The Monarch of Plastic

We’re up against the wall, now—climbing, scratching, pawing,
as behind us in the ice, monsters are quickly thawing.
We have great gratitude for life and all the joys it brings,
but now we have to pay the price for all our pretty things.
Those lovely cars that speed us on toward our various pleasures
now ask their price in taking from us other dearer treasures.—
Breath and water we might drink and swim in with no thought—
those departing natural things our pretty toys have bought.
Plastic for our jar tops, plastic for our carrying,
pretty soon this plastic will be handy for our burying.
In the hilltops safe above our ocean’s spreading grasp,
the king of plastic sits surveying his world’s parting gasp.
Still he does not worry, for he feels safe on his throne.
unaware that one day he’ll enjoy this world alone.

 The prompts today are wall, gratitude and thawing

5 thoughts on “The Monarch of Plastic: Jan 5, 2019


    I remain amazed at your ability as a poet-now this one hit on a subject so dear to me!! Plastic use is so out of control. It is scary to me. I have made changes and really it was so easy, though I have room for improvement, of course. Great poem and it ought to be published!


    1. lifelessons Post author

      Thanks, Rabbit, I am trying to be better about plastic usage as well but this morning found myself with four yogurt cups that I am trying to find an extended use for. I’m better about plastic bags and there are rumors that Mexico is going to ban them. Hope they do. It will give the bag weavers a new market as well.

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