The Monarch of Dogs

The Monarch of Dogs

Morrie is the underdog. Diego’s top dog now.
Does one find this jockeying with horse or pig or cow?

Why does there need to be a boss now dogs don’t roam in packs?
I fear dog organization sound logic sadly lacks.

I am the queen of doggiedom in my house. There’s no need
for a boss of dogs to calculate their every deed.

Their kibble comes in cans and bags. Nobody needs to know
How to be the chieftain in bringing down a doe.

Perhaps they need a barking order as a way to tell
whose loud barking will predict the ring of the doorbell.

Perhaps they need to show me who deserves the premier pat
or the biggest food dish, or bone with the most fat.

And yet I love them both the same, in spite of any wishes.
I pat them equally and put their bones in equal dishes!

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About lifelessons

My blog, which started out to be about overcoming grief, quickly grew into a blog about celebrating life. I post daily: poems, photographs, essays or stories. I've lived in countries all around the globe but have finally come to rest in Mexico, where I've lived since 2001. My books may be found on Amazon in Kindle and print format, my art in local Ajijic galleries. Hope to see you at my blog.

13 thoughts on “The Monarch of Dogs

    1. slmret

      A friend once had two cats, one a lap cat, and the other ignored him. When the lap cat died, the other became very friendly, a lap cat, and wouldn’t leave my friend alone! An interesting observation!


          1. koolkosherkitchen

            How old is she? My twins are almost 10, which is middle age in human terms, so Barmalei has a very pleasant baritone and his sister Beba – a nice melodic soprano. Little Pyshka mostly squeaks falsetto. I have a trio here!


  1. lifelessons Post author

    Now that I think of it, she had a strange voice when she was tiny. I named her Squeak because of her voice and later changed it to Birdie when she went from a squeak to a chirp. Perhaps her larynx was damaged before I found her and that creates this horrid sound now as well.



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