Home is the Sailor


Home is the Sailor

Homecomings call for clemency and memory that is short,
for when a sailor comes back home to his favorite port,
he doesn’t like returning to atone for past mistakes.
He’d rather do his penance for the new ones that he makes.

This isn’t any riddle, no mystery is involved.
It’s simply that some other bad habits  have evolved.
He finds he cannot take the time to mend what he’s forgotten
when he has so many other newer habits ill-begotten.



The prompt words today are homecoming, clemency and riddle.


7 thoughts on “Home is the Sailor

          1. Dangerspouse

            That’s why I like to pet her! And feed her carrots, too.

            Huh, I have to say I have no idea why you can’t post comments there. I know others have been able to. That’s really odd!



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