My mind is turning derelict. It often wanders on.
While I am still in need of it, I discover that it’s gone.
My thought processes aren’t uniform. They come and go at random.
Will and concentration no longer come in tandem.
It never ceases fascinating me that what was once
a certified ace student has turned into a dunce.
I know it is the fault of age and yet I often ponder
about this vagary of mind that sends it over yonder
when I have need of it at home. I find it most distressing
when common words are wanted, that my mind now leaves me guessing.

The prompt words today were fault, uniform, fascinate and derelict.Here are links:

8 thoughts on “Vagaries

  1. Marilyn Armstrong

    I hate it most when I’m in the middle of the sentence and I forget what the next word is and am left waving my arms in the air, trying to draw the shape in the air and Garry says ‘I don’t understand.” HE doesn’t understand? Well I sure don’t understand! I think we still need sign language because words seem to wander off into the gray mist and only return when they FEEL like it.

    And apparently, according to ALL my doctors (I ask each one, just in case I missed the last answer), this is NORMAL.



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