TrackRbravo Lament

TrackRbravo Lament

There was a little gadget I bought two years ago
but when it came to using it, I was a little slow.
Since instructions were too difficult, I maintained the status quo
and continued, when I lost my keys, to seek them high and low,

looking in the old way by fumbling through my purse,
perusing tabletops and hooks and wastebaskets and worse.
Every time I lost my keys, I’d fuss and swear and wheeze,
searching drawers and closets on my tiptoes or my knees.

But recently I found the box where I’d stowed the appliance
and decided that I’d make another try at an alliance.
I tested its small battery and found plenty of juice
to assure its assistance in my tracker’s use.

After struggling to get the battery inside
the little TrackRbravo disk where it would reside,
I fetched the brief instructions which accomplished not a thing.
I could not pair it to my phone, and it refused to ring.

I made a trip to YouTube which helped a small bit more.
When I pushed the button, I heard a small faint roar.
And after just an hour, I’d linked it to my phone.
No more would my keychain roam this earth alone.

At first I searched and searched and searched, and I searched in vain
for the spot upon my phone where I could complain
when I could not find the place where my keys had hidden
so I could find them in the spot to which I had been bidden.

When I finally found the spot—a paltry little dot,
where I had never thought to look, although I looked a lot—
I pushed the button and I heard for the initial time
my keychain’s piping little voice––it’s initiation chime.

As hard as this procedure was, I knew it could be worse,
and I felt a sense of power tossing keys into my purse
full of reassurance that I’d not be late
due to searching for my keys before my luncheon date.

But hours before I had to go, I heard a little buzz
making more disturbance than a mosquito does.
I tracked it to my table, then tracked it to my bag.
insistently, it whined at me––an annoying little nag.

I went back to my phone and found the place to quell its stammer,
then settled down to work again, relieved of all its clamor.
But then, alas, five minutes more, and it went off again.
It seems that it can’t wait for my request to start its din.

And so now, five hours later, I’ve been out and came back home.
I’m sitting at computer, composing this dumb poem.
I feasted with three favorite friends and I enjoyed it so,
but, alas, my TrackRbravo didn’t get to go.

I removed it from my car keys and stashed it far away
thinking that a quiet place its panic would allay.
But hear that little buzzing sound coming from my closet?
No matter what I try to do, I cannot seem to pause it.

And though I know what’s causing it, I cannot make it freeze.
It just goes off at random, whenever it may please.
Perhaps it’s looking for my keys and does not have a clue
and instead of just one problem, I find that I have two!


The prompt words today are closet, paltry, fetching and feast. Here are the links:

7 thoughts on “TrackRbravo Lament

    1. lifelessons Post author

      I got up at 7:30 and had finished a rough of this poem by 8:30. Worked on it off and on, including taking pix and trying to stay online. I put the pix on and the title, saved it– and when I came back on to center it, since the centering always goes off-kilter after the final save, THE ENTIRE POEM WAS GONE!!! I had to rewrite the whole thing I couldn’t remember any of it except for the first two stanzas, which I have since changed. Finished around 2:30 p.m. Grrrrrr. Don’t know if it was my router’s fault or WP’s but it hadn’t saved any of the times it said it had. I need to go back to writing on Word.. then copying.


  1. Marilyn Armstrong

    I gave up tracking things because I always lost the tracking device or the phone was off or the battery was dead in one device or another. instead, I have settled on determinedly putting things where they belong. I’ve gotten downright OCD about it and remarkably, this really WORKS! EVEN if the battery is dead! Imagine that.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. lifelessons Post author

      I once looked for an hour for my keys. Yolanda breezed in and located them exactly where they should have been–on the key rack. Never occurred to me to look there. I can’t even find my keys when they are in my purse..Too big, too many pockets and deep hidden folds.


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