If you value winter and if you value spring,
dedicate your efforts to one important thing.
Take it as a harbinger that nearly everything
weather has been telling us seems to have a sting.

Forest fires in summer, winter with more snow.
Spring rains bringing flooding everywhere we go.
Hurricanes with violence beyond the status quo,
It seems that Mother Nature delivers what we sow.


Word prompts today are spring, value, harbinger and dedicate. Here are the links:

6 thoughts on “Harbinger

  1. Leland Olson Hoel

    Global change and climate warming,
    are true, shocking and alarming.

    Human greed and love of wealth,
    deny the loss of future health.

    The seams of their purses are bulging,
    future Generations they are gouging.

    They don’t seem to give a wit,
    they fill their heads with bull s***.

    I’m not a poet and I know it,
    the Harbinger Poem made me do it.


  2. Marilyn Armstrong

    I just read a really good (long) article in The New Yorker about how the world ended when an asteroid his us at the end of the Cretaceous. There was nothing left. No creatures. No plants. Everything burned up and then froze solid and when the planet returned, it was a whole new planet.

    It gives me a kind of hope that no matter what, somehow, earth rebounds. Maybe not in OUR lifetime, but it has come back from total destruction in the past … so.

    Hey, you want to illustrate a book about a baby goose who refuses to walk in a straight line like all the other goslings? For children. More pictures, not many words. Sort of a message for youngsters who want to walk their OWN path, even when mama squawks: “Okay, goslings, LINE UP. We’re going for a walk!”


  3. macalder02

    Much is talked about climate change and the corporations that create this phenomenon do not want to recognize it because they go against their interests. I think nature is taking its toll on us because of the damage we are doing to it.



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