Fountain of Flowers: FOTD March 31, 2019

IMG_0955 2

I dined beside this glorious flower-filled fountain at El Patio in Tlaquepaque, Mexico with my friends Dan and Laurie a week or so ago.

In need of more flowers? See Cee’s beautiful bearded iris HERE.

7 thoughts on “Fountain of Flowers: FOTD March 31, 2019

  1. koolkosherkitchen

    Reminded me of my wedding cake: the florist created a fountain of live roses, cascading from the top of the cake. All flower arrangements were a gift from the florist, whose grandson with special needs I had a privilege of helping, so the lady outdid herself, working with three colors of roses. She is not with us any more, and I treasure the photos of this African American older distinguish-looking lady, dressed for my ceremony the way she would dress for church (she said that!) – she was so beautiful…


      1. koolkosherkitchen

        I have all kinds of gorgeous wedding photos,taken by a dear friend (also a wedding present , as was my wedding gown, and quite a few other things), but I don’t want to publish them until our 25th anniversary which will be in 3 years, G-d willing.


  2. Anonymous

    How glorious and a riot of clour! I filed our fountain in the back garden with succulents and it looks lovely, needs very little water, plus doesn’t help those mosquitos to multiple. Did the same with our small fountain on the front patio. Simple practical gardening!

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