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Hibiscus: Flower of the Day, Dec 13, 2018


This beauty greeted me when I left my kitchen this morning. It is dinner-plate sized!  But, I spotted foam on one of the leaf joints and saw a bud that had been chewed off and was lying on a leaf below.  Sure signs of spittle bugs.  Went to town to buy habanero chilis and garlic.  Blended 1/2 cup of the habaneros and 6 cloves of garlic with two cups of water and will leave for 24 hours, then combine with dish soap and spray on the plant.  A non-toxic to the environment (other than spittle bugs) solution to these hibiscus-eaters.

For Cee’s FOTD.

Coloration in Poinsettias: FOTD Dec 10, 2018


I was curious about all the new colors of poinsettias I’ve been seeing this year so I did a bit of research and found this explanation by Walter Reeves. You can find a link to his website below.  Here is what I read: 

The process of making a colored poinsettia is interesting. Growers start with a plant with light colored (white or pink) bracts. You’re probably aware that the colored parts of a poinsettia are not true leaves – they are modified leaves, called bracts, that serve to attract insects to the tiny yellow flowers at the tip of each branch.

Special dyes are sprayed onto the bracts a few days before the poinsettias are shipped to the retailer. Glitter may be applied as well. A spotted effect is achieved by sprinkling alcohol onto the dyed bracts.

Dyes are available in many colors, so plants can be dyed to match indoor decor or even your college football team colors!

Poinsettia bracts will naturally fall from the plant as it ages this spring. If you keep your plant alive it will produce bracts with the “natural” light color the plant had originally.

On another site, I found this information about what are natural colors for poinsettias: The colored bracts . . .  are most often flaming red but can be orangepale greencreampinkwhite, or marbled


for Cee’s FOTD

Eulogy for Hibiscus: FOTD Nov 26, 2018

Yesterday I said that it was the last photo of my welcome home hibiscus that I would post, but at the request of forgottenman, I am publishing two more stages of its life. This morning I went outside to find the flower fallen to the terrace floor, but when I opened its clasped fist, I found that forgottenman was right and there was still more beauty to display, so here is a medium shot of a hibiscus at rest and tomorrow will be the last two closeup shots.  R.I.P. hibiscus beauty.


Click on first photo to enlarge both.