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White Butterfly on Sky Flower

IMG_1477 2IMG_1477.jpg

The flower is a durante erecta or sky flower, and I want to thank this lovely white butterfly for making this photo! I am trying to crop according to Nancy’s rule of thirds, but there is a problem. What should be the focus of interest—the butterfly or the flower? Which photo do you like best, top or bottom?

For Nancy Merrill’s Rule of Thirds prompt.

And for Cee’s FOTD.

Fountain of Flowers: FOTD March 31, 2019

IMG_0955 2

I dined beside this glorious flower-filled fountain at El Patio in Tlaquepaque, Mexico with my friends Dan and Laurie a week or so ago.

In need of more flowers? See Cee’s beautiful bearded iris HERE.

More Hints for What is It?

So far, no one has guessed what plant this seed pod came from, so I’m showing a photo of just the seeds up close.  Can anyone guess what plant this is?  I promise I’ll give the answer tomorrow. Or today if someone guesses it.