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Copa de Oro: Flower of the Day, July 19, 2017

Click on first photo to enlarge all.  I love the juxtaposition of the frilly gold flowers next to the stark cacti. This house has been being built for years. Glad they planted their wall vegetation early.

For Cee’s Photo Challenge.

Jade Plant Blossoms: Flower of the Day, July 12, 2017


Love this pink bud stage even more than the white blossoms on my huge jade plant that came to me from my friend Chuy, who led us on many fine adventures before he departed this plane.  Chuy, you come to life again every time this gorgeous plant blooms.

For Cee’s flower prompt.

Flower of the Day, June 3, 2017


Why is this flower called a “copa de oro” even when it is purple instead of gold? Perhaps because of that deep heart that glows like a burning cauldron of gold at its center.  These vines have grown to cover my jade plant and my studio.  They seem in the one photo to be growing higher than the massive palms.  Perhaps they are seeking to grow up to the sun that they imitate at their heart of hearts.

(Click on any flower to enlarge all and see their hearts of gold.)


For Cee’s Flower Challenge.

Framed Beauties: Flower of the Day, June 1, 2017


This confectionary shop window is brimming with fresh and imitation flowers.


Nature’s Collage: Flower of the Day, May 31, 2017



This wild garden tangle has a certain beauty for me.  Not so for my gardener, who later trimmed it all away. 

For Cee’s Flower of the Day prompt.