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Garden Scene with Flowers: FOTD Jan 16, 2023

Sometimes flowers are the stars, at other times the supporting cast. This view is from the garden of a friend’s residence in Ajijic.

For Cee’s FOTD

Quilted Flowers: FOTD July 24, 2022


A few days ago I showed Quilled Flowers. Today I’m showing Quilted ones. This gorgeous quilt was hanging in my doctor’s office in Sheridan, Wyoming. It was quilted by the receptionist in the office and is even more beautiful and detailed in person than in this photo.

For Cee’s FOTD

Past Squares, Oct 1, 2021


For Becky of Winchester’s Pastsquares Challenge we are to pick a square photo we’ve published in one of her past challenges. Above are two of mine. I couldn’t decide which to use and their colors, if not their subjects, match so well!

State of the Garden: FOTD Apr 22, 2021

After being gone for three weeks, I had to check out the state of the garden–at least around the pool. Certainly not as lush as the cactus flowers in Arizona. These will, however, remain the year through.

Click on flowers to enlarge.

For Cee’s FOTD



The angriest skies contain the germ of the next day’s sun.
No matter what pervades your day, once that day is done,
your prospects for a better day already have been cast,
for the material of our future is gathered from our past.

Clear skies are born from thunder clouds and summer days from mist.
Tomorrow’s field of flowers is held in the tempest’s fist.
You may call me Pollyanna, but I can attest

to the truth that oftentimes the worst is followed by the best.





 Prompt words today are clear skies,contain, angry,pervade and material.

All in Everything

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All in Everything

My heart as empty as a room the party’s left behind,
I tell myself I am at peace and that I do not mind;
but it may be pertinent, if I am being truthful,
to admit as I say these words, that I am feeling ruthful.

Day-by-day, I improvise, insisting I am free.
‘I” can pursue anything not limited by “we.”
Driving past the railroad tracks, an engine rushing by
reminds me of those trips when I was young and wild and high.

Cheyenne out to Oregon, Sydney to Melbourne town.
Always a new place and new adventure going down.
That local train in Java, stopping a thousand times
at every local village–the hawkers and the mimes 

flooding all the aisles and all the window frames
insistently proficient in their selling games.
All the places where I went teeming with new faces,
constantly observing as life put me through its paces.

Before old age annexed me, I had a brilliant life
as student and explorer, as writer, artist, wife.
Those inevitable things, grave and prompting sorrow
were always covered over by the prospect of tomorrow.

But now that tomorrow is not such a certain thing,
I simply fall in line with whatever life may bring.
Knowing that I can’t flee fate, still I have seized my power
by finding a whole universe in bee and bird and flower.





Prompt words today are empty room, pertinent, improvising, annex, railroad tracks and grave.