White Butterfly on Sky Flower

IMG_1477 2IMG_1477.jpg

The flower is a durante erecta or sky flower, and I want to thank this lovely white butterfly for making this photo! I am trying to crop according to Nancy’s rule of thirds, but there is a problem. What should be the focus of interest—the butterfly or the flower? Which photo do you like best, top or bottom?

For Nancy Merrill’s Rule of Thirds prompt.

And for Cee’s FOTD.

12 thoughts on “White Butterfly on Sky Flower

  1. slmret

    Given the title of the photo, I would choose the second version. It’s more difficult when you have two focal points in the photo — perhaps moving the whole thing up so the flower goes across at the top 1/3 line, and the butterfly in the upper left cross of 1/3’s would help. The two little flower pieces at the top can almost go all the way to the top without distracting.

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