Drama Queen

Photo by Matthew T. Rader on Unsplash

Drama Queen

Your disingenuous comments come off as less than real.
In fact, I can’t help thinking you display more than you feel.
You feign blustery emotions. You fuss and you emote,
and yet your words seem bigger than the feelings they denote.
Your dialogue is fervent. You shout and plead and bleat,
but I’m afraid your fiery comments seem to lack real heat.
Before further encounters and angst-filled future sessions,
may I make a suggestion? I’d suggest acting lessons.


11 thoughts on “Drama Queen

  1. Marilyn Armstrong

    We went to my son’s 50th birthday party yesterday and there was one woman there who talked loudly and endless and had nothing to say. I don’t mind listening to people who talk a lot if they have something worth listening to. If they are funny. If they are thoughtful. But this was just loud blather accompanied by a huge amount of smoking — and she JUST recovered from breast cancer. She did a lot of bragging, but I couldn’t figure out what it was about. She seemed very proud of surviving cancer and having given up smoking exactly long enough to get clearance for her surgery, chemo, and radiation. We left early because I thought another half hour, and I would be forced to try and kiil her.

    Did I mention that she is also a nurse? I’m pretty sure that was disingenuous of the loudest sort. And so damned DUMB.


    1. lifelessons Post author

      I went to a 45 minute presentation yesterday where the woman said exactly nothing.. I just couldn’t believe that anyone could talk for that long and only recite lists of generalities that were the obvious! Not one specific or utilitarian comment. I counted 5 people who slept through the entire speech.


  2. isaiah46ministries

    Real good one, Judy. I have had preachers do that: 45 minutes of emotion and nothing of substance. What is amazing are the people who get all emotional and don’t have a clue. One woman said to me when I complained about a preacher just screaming, “It don’t matter what he said, but how he said it! I just walked away before I got in trouble, because it always matters what is said.



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