No Sympathy

No Sympathy

I fear I’m barely lucid, for digestion dominates.
I’ve just had a sumptuous banquet of pork shank, rice and dates.
I know it’s fairly common to gorge and then complain,
yet I’m sure that the world’s hungry would gladly share our pain.


Prompts today were sumptuous, common, lucid and dominate. Here are links:

5 thoughts on “No Sympathy

  1. Marilyn Armstrong

    Don’t you feel a bit guilty about complaining you’ve eaten to much? I think it goes back to my mother telling me “children are starving in Europe” which morphed into “children are starving in Asia.” To which every single child eventually offered to mail their mashed potatoes to whatever area was starving.

    I never understood how MY eating more would cure their starvation. Maybe it’s a generational thing.



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