Life With Cats 1.

Every time I think Annie has cornered the market in weirdness, she comes up with a new angle.  With a comfy cat bed, numerous rugs and cushions, two sofas and two people beds all awaiting her presence, tonight I walked into the bathroom to find her comfortably bedded down in her litter tray!  Go figure.



6 thoughts on “Life With Cats 1.

  1. Cintra L. Godfrey

    I have never heard of that before! We are enjoying watching Steph’s outgoing cat play with our introverted cats. Unfortunately, Steph just signed a lease on an apartment, so Lucy will be moving out with her! While it will be nice to have less cat fur on the furniture, we’re going to miss her and we’re worried she’ll be lonely as the only cat in her new place. Now Steph has to try to convince her room mate to get a playmate for L.



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