Spider Plant Bloom: FOTD June 26, 2019

Spider plant’ – identified by Bob of Love’s Flower Identification Service.

This is the rest of the plant it grows from.. definitely a spider plant.

For Cee’s FOWC. Go HERE to see her gorgeous peony photo.

18 thoughts on “Spider Plant Bloom: FOTD June 26, 2019

  1. Lwbut

    That is remarkable!

    I took a picture of an identical flower just this week – but it was on a shoot from a ‘Spider plant’ – Chlorophytum comosum! 🙂

    Clearly it is not the same plant! ( My flower was approx 2cm (<1 inch) across).


      1. Lwbut

        Ahhhhh – now it makes sense!! 🙂

        Thanks for that, and glad i could ‘help’.

        I have two plants in hanging baskets that i’ve had for years – they thrive on neglect here!! 🙂

        Both are the variegated leaf kind.

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      1. Lwbut

        Serendipity – took an almost identical shot!

        I’ll have to post it – probably in a ‘montage’ with a couple of others i took about the same time ( in our Winter) 🙂



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