Bird of the Day: Egrets at War

I was meeting a friend and Maria Isabela’s near the pier when I sighted this egret and had to get a shot, but very quickly war ensued. These fighting egrets were moving so quickly that it was hard to get an unblurred shot. Here’s the best I could do. Click on the first photo to enlarge and see the captions.


For Granny Shot It’s Bird of the Day

9 thoughts on “Bird of the Day: Egrets at War

  1. 2019tv

    Great pictures, Judy, and the story is very interesting! I have never seen egrets fighting like that.
    Thanks for being my first challenge poster!!


  2. Marilyn Armstrong

    The uninvolved one was probably a lady and that was what the fight was about. Geese, swans, and herons are all very territorial and all of them mate for life. When there’s an unattached female in the mix … well … put on your armor. War is about to start!

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