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Mystery Bird: Sapsucker or Woodpecker?

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They are golden-fronted woodpeckers!  V.J., who identified them, is my hero. A twenty-year-old mystery is solved.

These two birds (or two like them) have been visiting the top of my very tall palm trees every morning for years. I always thought they were red-breasted woodpeckers, but only one has a pinkish spot on its head and the other is more golden-headed. Their markings look exactly like a red-breasted woodpecker or a sapsucker, but I can’t find any sapsucker with that colored head. Can anyone tell me what they are?

Bird of the Day: Female Vermilion Flycatcher May 29, 2020

I’ve been outside so much during this Shelter in Place period that I’ve been seeing lots of birds. I think Granny’s Bird of the Day prompt has ended so I’m just going to do my own private bird of the day for awhile. If anyone else wants to do so and link to it, just do so in comments. My friend Paul Hart, an avid birdwatcher and genius photographer, identified this for me.


Gull Plus: Bird of the Day, Oct 8, 2019

I still can’t figure out what this is sticking out of the top of this gull’s head. It looked like a toothpick or a porcupine quill. Or perhaps the big spine from a cactus. I guess I should try to fabricate a story about how it got there.gull

For Granny’s Bird of the Day prompt

Bird of the Day, Sep 3, 2019


This was the view from our balcony on the ship. This gull seemed to be leading the way. The wing sticking out from the side of the ship was the captain’s office. He was the only one with a better view of where we were bound to than we had, port side!

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