Faith, Fame and Family


(I think I have a bit more faith than is demonstrated in this poem. What enters us to write through us is more an exploratory being than one completely sure of what we write. I do believe, however, that more evil has been done in this world by those absolutely sure of the rightness of their faith and their beliefs than by those who continue to explore, and the older I get, the more I realize that although part of a larger world and universe, we are all unavoidably alone in our existence.)

The prompt words today are solitary/solitude, alive, ephemeral and inspire.


16 thoughts on “Faith, Fame and Family

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  4. wcwhitfield

    I must say that in times of distress I turn into the Bible and to God bc it admonishes us to keep seeking knocking and asking Matt 7:7. So for me and it’s just my small 2 cents, actually following what the Bible really teaches has been a source of protection and a preservation of my life. Thank you for your post



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