When the U.S. Government Tried to Replace Mexican Migrant Workers with High School Students.


I couldn’t figure out how to embed this, but if you click on the link below, you can read about this fiasco planned in the year I graduated from high school.  How is it that I didn’t hear of it then? Lack of an internet, I suppose.


10 thoughts on “When the U.S. Government Tried to Replace Mexican Migrant Workers with High School Students.

  1. isaiah46ministries

    I was not aware of this program. I know they did not come and ask black males to do the work, which is both a shame and probably good for them. It is a part of history that needs to be known. Maybe we would appreciate the people who work in such awful conditions, so that we can eat cheaply and healthily. I am just appalled at what is happening in America. Going backward and nothing being done to stop it. How did we get here? Were the successes of women and blacks over the last 50 years so awful to some that they would return us to the bad old days? Absolutely amazing!


    1. lifelessons Post author

      As I am also appalled at all that has recently been revealed about horrible atrocities toward black sharecroppers . Absolutely incredible that we never learned about this in our history books. The mass hanging–horrendous. I know that every wave of immigrants has been treated poorly, but the treatment of black and now the treatments of hispanics is a huge huge shame for us all. Too bad many of the entitled don’t know how to feel that shame. You bring up a valid point.


  2. slmret

    In Southern California, we have always known that immigrants took the jobs of those who didn’t want to work for their living, and those jobs that NObody else would do — the terrible agricultural jobs of picking fruit at ground level in the heat of summer. They moved from farm to farm, from crop to crop, from hot to hotter, throughout the summer, helping to provide for the rest of us. I had not heard of the A-Team project before, but it is laughable that local high school jocks would have been recruited for such work — and logical that they didn’t last for more than 3 days! We need the immigrants who come to better the lot of their families by doing that work that nobody else wants to do!



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