Dear Son

Dear Son

Everything exhausts me. I’ve lost my zip and moxie,
so I’m surrendering control and giving you my proxy.
You can handle matters––earthshaking or mundane.
Having to make up my mind has grown to be a pain.
Today began my countdown for withdrawing from my life.
I’m hiding from decisions, the news and other strife,
compressing the world’s problems into a tiny ball
and hiding it someplace obscure that I will not recall.
I’ll binge-watch old TV shows like Dynasty and Friends
from their initial episodes right up to their ends.
I’m sleeping in ‘til ten o’clock, going to sleep at eight,
throwing away my calendar. I need not know the date.
Here are my credit cards and checkbook. Do with them what you will.
Run away to the Bahamas or pay my water bill.

I’m relying on your character and inborn need to please.
If you don’t pay the light bill, I guess that I’ll just freeze.
Please don’t report your payments. Don’t bother me at all.
Do not text or Facebook. Don’t tweet or Skype or call.
From here on in my life, as planned, is going to be a breeze.
No cooking or dish-washing. I’ll eat takeout Chinese
for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I’ll just do what I please––
I’ll rock for hours in rockers, my cat upon my knees.
I’ll have no need for intercourse. I’m cancelling the phone.
I’ll fill my life with pastimes that I can do alone:
Sudoku and Solitaire, crosswords and jigsaw puzzles––
no lady friends, no social sites. No kisses and no nuzzles.
Type two Agoraphobia is what they’ll say I’m suffering.
But only you and I will know that I am simply buffering.


I’ve been without phone and internet for two days.I’m posting this at a local restaurant.

Prompts for today are proxy, mundane, countdown and compress.

11 thoughts on “Dear Son

  1. koolkosherkitchen

    Dear Judy, I can illustrate your post with photos of myself with my father during the last three years of his life. I, in turn, have made my son a proxy in case I become incapable of functioning with my full faculties.
    P.S. I understand it’s fiction, but times come when we have to make decisions before it’s too late.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. lifelessons Post author

      Yes.. My sister is this person for me. Of course, I’ve exaggerated and changed the sex just so I wouldn’t worry you. This is MUCH exaggerated for humor’s sake, even though it isn’t an especially humorous subject.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. koolkosherkitchen

        It isn’t humorous for me, sorry. My father’s illness, coinciding with my step-mother’s dementia, came as a shock that I had not been ready for. I had to rally up in a hurry, and my son, who is in Boston, was great help and support.



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