Premature Delivery

Premature Delivery

I can’t defend or explicate the reason for my ardor
for that triple-decker cake residing in my larder.
Tomorrow was its due date, the delivery premature.
Now I have a compulsion for which there’s just one cure.
My love is unrequited. That torte has neither lips
nor anything but calories to slip around my hips.
At this extravaganza they’ve planned to celebrate
my forty-second birthday on my birthing date,
there must be a cake to eat. I must be resolute
to not pre-sample one small bite. I am of fine repute
and do not want it known that I’m unable to resist
cake with chocolate icing, and so I must insist
that you call a locksmith to secure the door
with deadlock and with padlock and perhaps with one lock more.
If my cake survives past midnight and a few hours tomorrow,
I will defray embarrassment and a good deal of sorrow.
For minute after minute and hour after hour,
I fear resisting chocolate cake is far beyond my power.
I was born to greatness—to talent and to fame,
but when chocolate comes up missing, it’s likely I’m to blame.

Prompt words for today are extravaganza, resolute, unrequited and explicate.

15 thoughts on “Premature Delivery

  1. slmret

    If I don’t buy chocolate, it doesn’t come up missing! Actually, my breakfast is a chocolate protein shake. I try very hard to make that my ration of chocolate each day!


  2. momshieb

    Well, you got me all the way on this one! I love chocolate cake. I love Dave Barry (met him once) and I adore Katharine Hepburn. Named my daughter after her, in fact!


  3. updownflight

    Katherine was wonderful!

    I totally relate to what you wrote. There have been times when I made or bought a cake for guests and couldn’t resist. I’ve said to myself “Well, sometimes people just buy halves of cakes!”



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