Hornworms: Creepy Crawlers for Sure!!

Click on photos to enlarge.

Here is the first and tiniest stage of the hornworm or hummingbird moth caterpillar.

Caterpillar lineup. Hard to believe these are all the same caterpillar in different stages.

For the Friday Fun Creepy Crawlers prompt.

11 thoughts on “Hornworms: Creepy Crawlers for Sure!!

    1. lifelessons Post author

      They thrive on my Virginia Creeper and poop all over my terrace table, but they fascinate me. Pasiano picks them all off–no small feat–and he puts them in my spare lot. Can’t get over how many stages they go through.

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  1. angloswiss

    That was interesting. I often see the hawk moths hanging round in flight on my buddleia, but they do not seem to be doing any harm. Just having a food break on the flowers. I have never seen the caterpillars, only the developed moths. I even had an elephant hawk moth this year, the ones with the green body.


  2. okcforgottenman

    The fact that there’s a plant called The Virginia Creeper creeps me out WAY more than those creepy crawlers. I’m gonna have nightmares about The Virginia Creeper sliding, slipping into my bedroom to strangle me!

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