Religion and Politics Don’t Compute

Religion and Politics Don’t Compute

Your infatuation is a blasphemy of sorts.
How could you so revere a leader who consorts
with pedophiles and listens to dictators and Russians?
Are you not aware of the obvious repercussions?
As we commence a new election, there are other people praying
that your misguided leader no longer will be braying.


Prompt words for the day are commence, blasphemy, infatuation and listen.

12 thoughts on “Religion and Politics Don’t Compute

  1. Christine Goodnough

    Well, you are right. Religion and politics were never meant to walk hand in hand.
    I’m going to be very unpopular for saying this, but through the centuries a lot of American religious folks have come to view the US as the new kingdom of Israel…or some branch thereof. And back in Bible times, politics and religion were one and the same. It ain’t so now.
    According the the Bible, Christians are commanded to honor (respect) the king and obey the powers that be, insomuch as we’re able, acting as ambassadors of a different kingdom.

    But I really don’t believe this is all about Trump. He may have caught the wave and is riding it as far as it will take him…and Evangelicals in the US like the way the wave is heading. The impression we get is that of a leftist media fighting by-hook-or-by-crook against this sudden voter swing to the right. Even our left-leaning Canadian media has reproved the US journalists for gross distortions of fact and blatant lies in their efforts to bring Trump down. And they may succeed, but will that stop the wave? That’s what they’re really scared of.

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  2. Wwteel

    How many injustices have been perpetrated in the name of religion… I am a believer in God, but I don’t think equating Trump and God in the same sentence is religious- just ignorant. Shameful.

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    1. lifelessons Post author

      It is his statement..not mine. I, too, think it is ridiculous..He is the one who said that Jews consider him as the second coming.. which is really ridiculous since Jews don’t believe in the first coming, let alone the second.



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