I’m not as sure as I may seem. I’m nude under my clothes.
All my outer calm aplomb is just a studied pose.
Friends find me enigmatic. There is always something new
under this staid demeanor that’s the me that you can view.

I wield advice as though it is my rapier or sword.
Laughter is a weapon that belies the fact I’m bored.
Nothing records my progress. I’ve no lines upon my face.
For me time wields no marker. Passing years have left no trace.

My oldest friends have no more clue of who I may be
than my newest acquaintance. There is no knowing me.
I’m a perpetual puzzle locked up in a box.
I never shed this mask you see below my graying locks.

Prompt words today are marker, nude, advice, enigmatic and new.

8 thoughts on “Mask

  1. dennyho

    I want to comment but cannot even begin…personification or personal? Borrowed or self-created art? Love the prose but don’t want anyone trapped behind a mask, so I’m going with personification and borrowed!


    1. lifelessons Post author

      I made the mask for an art project I did with kids at a summer camp. Photos of the masks they made are on my blog. The poem is fictional..true in part for all of us, but I don’t feel like it was really about me. I feel like I’m pretty open about who I am.


      1. dennyho

        Not full time in NC, just finished building a lovely home on the peaceful ICW on Holden Beach. Holden Beach faired well in the storm, thankfully. I live in Earlysville, VA, but Mr Eville threatens to retire to Holden. After this last hurricane, the second we’ve been through in less than two years, I think not! Thanks Judy for asking.



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