I’m not your typical hoarder. I don’t save balls of string.
Five foot stacks of newspapers really aren’t my thing.
Boxes of garage sale items do not line my halls.
Jumbles of castoff treasures do not obscure my walls.

My collection is more upbeat and easier to store.
I have thousands of them and room for plenty more.
And lest you think my hoarding is of objects more absurd,
I’ll tell you my obsession is simply for the “word.”

Those who have collected them all throughout the ages
are lexicographers and scribes, poets, writers, sages.
Sometimes they swirl around my head and leave it in a fog,
so when I run out of room, I store them in this blog.

Words like ships floating around, looking for a moorage—
I simply help them out by arranging for their storage.


Got a bit mixed up with my prompts today and used two from yesterday, so here is another poem with additional prompts from today: jumble and upbeat.

14 thoughts on “Storage

      1. ladynyo

        L.OL…exactly my experience. In talking to people….I lose words…..hem and haw…but it writing.,,,,never. But I just discovered that I have lost in my computer somewhere (didn’t save???) an entire chapter and a half of a new book. Ugh. It’s the sequel to Kimono…..and it’s gone. Drat.

        Liked by 1 person

            1. ladynyo

              I found it….”Sequel to Kimono” but it’s not the same version. Shorter, rougher, blah. But my buddy in Australia has a copy. and he will send it back to me. Ugh. I must have not saved the desired copy. Thanks, Judy. Your suggestions were good.


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