Hibiscus: FOTD, Sep 16, 2019


For Cee’s FOTD prompt.

13 thoughts on “Hibiscus: FOTD, Sep 16, 2019

      1. slmret

        Well — 3 hours in Costco, 2 at VAFB, plus an afternoon taking friend to doctor for steroid injections — and then a visit to the lake (I’ll post this in a few days) and several nice dinners at favorite places. I’m pretty tired, and glad to be home! Next trip for friend’s 90th b’day and Thanksgiving!

        The ship fire — tragic, but totally avoidable — I would not have wanted to sleep in the bottom of that boat, with the tiny escape hatch to the mid level where the fire began! There will likely be criminal action — no watchman awake as required — and probably lots of warnings and perhaps new requirements about lithium ion batteries. It was a real disaster — and the other two boats owned by the same company are now totally worthless, as is the scuba diving business that chartered the boat. The entire incident was VERY sad!


        1. lifelessons Post author

          I was wondering if it was the scuba tanks that exploded but then read it might have been someone chargin their phone..So tragic. That poor family that lost father and daughters..plus stepmom. Don’t know how a mother would survive that.

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          1. slmret

            It’s hard to put my mind around 34 deaths due to such an “accident.” We may never know what really happened that night — the NTSB will take 2 years to report on their findings — whatever happened, it was a major tragedy that will affect many people for a long time!

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