Double Identity

IMG_3308Double Identity

Sometimes she’s  an angel. At other times a witch.
There is no way to know when her personae’s going to switch.
When an angel, she’s gregarious, obedient and sexy,
but during her more bitchy days, she’s silent, dark and hexy.
No x-ray can determine which one she’s going to be.
There is no test to indicate which one she’s going to see
when she wakes up each morning and stumbles to the mirror
to see which one she’ll be today–the feared one or the dearer.
I’m always the first one to see what side of her will win,
for each day the face she chooses is the one that I’ll be in!


Prompt words for today are switch, gregarious, obedient, indicate and x-ray.

6 thoughts on “Double Identity

  1. lifelessons Post author

    I am soooo stupid. It never occurred to me that “son” was a the sentence made no sense to me. Forgottenman corrected my error in thinking and it all came together. I had forgotten that Knotting Hill was a movie and thought it was a TV series I hadn’t seen. But “click’ it finally came into focus and I watched Elvis Costello singing “She.” His rendition is gorgeous and it is the first time I’ve ever listened closely to the lyrics. You are right. It is about the same thing!!



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