One out of every two stacks in my house involves cats. Paper stacks are prevalent, as well. Then there is that fridge!

A Photo a Week Challenge: Stacked

13 thoughts on “Stacked

    1. lifelessons Post author

      Let me look. I don’t think they were disabled, Dolly. Will you try again? The first photo is Ollie, who was runt of the litter but who now is the biggest and heaviest! The second photo is Kukla and the third is Ollie again, a month or two old. The last photo is Annie, being taught how to climb the screen by Talulah 18 years ago! So I’ve had 18 years of kittenish antics, with some lulls between where cats took their place.

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        1. lifelessons Post author

          That is my favorite all-time photo of the kitties. He was such a waif.
          There are 6 puppies at the dogfood place that are so adorable. Luckily a woman I was looking at them with today took home my favorite. I cannot get another dog!!! Or cat!!!! Tell me this if you detect that I am weakening.

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    2. lifelessons Post author

      Dolly you were right. Comments were closed. I couldn’t find how to open them but Forgottenman figured it out. Thanks so much for pointing it out to me. I wondered why I had no comments on that post. Could it be that cute kitten photos have lost their appeal???

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