Birthday Preferences of an Aging Starlet

Birthday Preferences of an Aging Starlet

Buy me no presents, bake me no cake.
Hang no reminders for my sake.
All these attempts to jubilate me
simply serve to aggravate me.

Let birthday banners remain furled.
Share not the knowledge with the world
that I, alas, am one year older.
Strike it from my bio folder.

This trend of aging gracefully
does not work for dames like me
who strut our stuff upon the stage,
for starlets aren’t allowed to age.

In lieu of throwing me a bash,
why not simply give me cash?
I’ll put the money to good use
obscuring aging’s cruel abuse.

Advancing years require rebuttal,
so I prefer to be more subtle.
I need a simple tuck of face
ere I approach the casting place.

I won’t allow youth to defy me.
while I have means to petrify me.
So spare me cards soulful or funny
I prefer you give me money!!

Prompt words today are subtle, cash, knowledge,Β jubilateΒ and bake.



26 thoughts on “Birthday Preferences of an Aging Starlet

  1. Busy Blessed Mess

    Reblogged this on Busy Blessed Mess and commented:
    THIS RIGHT HERE! With my upcoming birthday approaching I keep getting asked “what do you want for your birthday”. Well there’s a bunch of “stuff” I want…. but most of all I want my friends and family to come see me, celebrate with me and drop some cash into this money pit of life & aging! πŸ˜€ honestly. Think I’m gonna buy a money tree….


  2. isaiah46ministries

    Wonderful. I received money last birthday, as my youngest daughter told everyone not to show up without some money for me. I was so embarrassed when I learned of her strong-arm tactics, but she said you give to everyone and then they show up with nothing to give back. I will admit the extra money came in handy.

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  3. slmret

    It’s harder and harder to find appropriate gifts as we all age — what do we need that we don’t already have? And what about thank you gifts for small favors like picking up the mail for a week, or taking a neighbor to the doctor and home for a procedure that requires no driving?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. slmret

      The last one I had a problem with was Tom’s neighbors, who took him to and from his surgery and sat with him. They are VERY fussy about food, and we don’t know them well enough to know what they’ll eat. A gift card was the best solution for them. I usually bring home Danish cookies from Solvang for neighbors who pick up my mail — chocolate is good for some people, but not for all!


      1. Author_Joanne_Reed

        I am not a scientist but looking around my own family I can say that good genes seems to pass down the family tree. I am counting on it! There is a high probability that you have inherited those good genes from your mother and grandmother! πŸ˜€πŸ‘



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