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Festive Is

Festive Is

. . . ribbons and candles and holly.
Christmas trees, parties both raucous and jolly.
Confetti in hair and the nerve to kiss boys
beneath the mistletoe, and other joys.

Presents and eggnog and wedding cake, too.
Fireworks. Flags waving red, white and blue.
Easter egg optimism in the hunting,
papel picado and streamers and bunting.

Festive is hearts charged up with the living.
Anticipation and loving and giving.
Remembrance of exploits and births and unitings,
Easter ham slicings and turkey leg bitings.

May baskets on doorsteps. Socks hung in a row.
Eggnog and streamers wherever you go.
Who knows where festivity had its first starts—
Easter egg rolling or Valentine hearts?

Square dances, cloggings and Virginia reelings
end up on the feet but start with warm feelings
that set toes to tapping and make folks so restive
that they have no choice but to end up as festive!

Before presents and food and new decorations
increase credit card debt to new elevations,
perhaps we’ll remember to go back to the start
and return the horse to in front of the cart.

Our kids need to learn that joy can’t be bought,
and it’s up to us that the lesson be taught.
Before it’s too late, we must somehow impart
that there’s no charge for love and no price tag on heart.

Word prompts today are festive, nerve, optimism and charge.

Cleo’s 99th Birthday Drive-by

When friend and neighbor Cleo Hengstebeck turned 99 on May 19th, 2020, Mexico as well as most of the world was exercising sheltering-in-place. This did not deter her many friends from staging a drive-by celebration with 35 cars participating. Sadly, she passed away two weeks later on June 4, exactly 6 months after the death of her husband John Wester, who died at the age of 96.

When they married a few years ago, John, already in his nineties admitted he was marrying “an older woman.” When they applied for their marriage license, they were told they were the oldest people to ever apply for a wedding license in the state of Texas and were granted the license without a fee. R.I.P. Cleo and John. You were both well-loved.

Here are a few photos of Cleo and the decorated cars full of friends that drove by her house on her birthday. Click on photos to enlarge.


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Belated Wishes

Belated Wishes

My greetings on your birthday, I admit are most belated,
but I hope my guilt in this can be expiated.
I toiled to construct a card, wording it in rhyme,
and then invoked winged Mercury to present it in time.
(I’d addressed it with a flourish and signed it in gold ink.
The card was of a purple hue. The envelope was pink.)

But I fear this faithful messenger shows the effects of gout
which has curtailed the usual speed with which he gets about.
He had to take a taxi, which developed a flat.
So then he had to hitchhike to get to where you’re at.
Your doorbell is defective and your neighbor wasn’t in,
and by then I fear that his resolve was growing  thin.

He sat upon your doorstep, but it seems you never came.
So it is your own tardiness, it seems, that is to blame.
As the midnight hour approached he finally gave up.
He found a little pub where he thought that he would sup.
He put your card upon the counter. It was there that he misplaced it
along with the good wishes with which this friend had graced it.

By the time he had informed me of his failure at this task,
I fear your day had ended, so what I now must ask
is that you don’t feel slighted by your real card’s surrogate—
the fact that it is Hallmark and the fact that it is late.
This card can’t compete with the first one I created,
but you share the guilt, friend, for the fact that it’s belated!!!

Prompts today are flourish, address, belated, invoke and speed.

Birthday Preferences of an Aging Starlet

Birthday Preferences of an Aging Starlet

Buy me no presents, bake me no cake.
Hang no reminders for my sake.
All these attempts to jubilate me
simply serve to aggravate me.

Let birthday banners remain furled.
Share not the knowledge with the world
that I, alas, am one year older.
Strike it from my bio folder.

This trend of aging gracefully
does not work for dames like me
who strut our stuff upon the stage,
for starlets aren’t allowed to age.

In lieu of throwing me a bash,
why not simply give me cash?
I’ll put the money to good use
obscuring aging’s cruel abuse.

Advancing years require rebuttal,
so I prefer to be more subtle.
I need a simple tuck of face
ere I approach the casting place.

I won’t allow youth to defy me.
while I have means to petrify me.
So spare me cards soulful or funny
I prefer you give me money!!

Prompt words today are subtle, cash, knowledgejubilate and bake.



72 Down, 40 to Go

My 72nd Birthday highlights included a trip to the other side of the lake to scope out a site for our next writers’ retreat. Amelia drove Harriet and me over to the incredibly beautiful lakeside resort where they made us a deal we couldn’t turn down, so in November, eight of us will journey back for a lovely three days of writing under the tutelage of Judy Reeves, a wonderful workshop leader from San Diego, CA, who has been herding us together and getting us in line for three-day retreats for the past five years. The resort director treated us to breakfast and a tour. Only one other table was filled in the dining room–with a couple and their toddler son, who was kept busy with a ziplock bag full of tiny cars.

I left at 9:00 and was home by noon to survey the $60 worth of plants I had bought for my own birthday present to myself. I’d laid the main grouping of seven plants out for Pasiano to plant in my front garden in a large metal chest 30″ X 20″ X 22″ and left the rest of the zinnias, dusty miller and kalanchoe for him to plant as he wished. Here are the flowers I had arranged for him to plant:

And here is one of his arrangements of dusty miller and zinnias which I love:


At 2:30, Pepe came by for our usual Wednesday massage session. I worked on a story I’m doing for a local magazine, fed the canine and feline troops and was off to meet Sandy for dinner at 6.

When we arrived at the restaurant in Ajijic, a young couple with baby was sitting at the next table. Since I was facing them, I watched their interactions with interest. With this morning’s family that I had observed in the resort an hour or more away from Ajijic, the mother had spent most of the time dealing with the toddler, but I noted with satisfaction that with this family, the father was doing most of the care-taking. It wasn’t until they brought out a ziplock bag of tiny cars for him to play with that I realized it was the same family! What are the chances? Not only were we over an hour away from where we had last seen them, but out of the 100 or so restaurants in Ajijic, we had not only picked the same one again, but were at neighboring tables!

Soon another family took the table that formed a rectangle with our table and that of the young couple and their son. They had a little girl of about the same age. I noted how well-behaved she was and her doting parents and grandparents, but it wasn’t until the end of the meal when they brought out a plate of cupcakes with candles that I realized she, too, was celebrating her birthday! Earlier I had greeted the other family and noted I’d been at the same resort as them that morning for breakfast. Now I had to go over and ask the other family how old their baby was. When they said 2, I admitted that it was my birthday as well, but that I had 70 years head start on her. We chatted a bit and I returned to my table, but when they left the restaurant, they presented me with a cupcake to celebrate our mutual birthday. Very sweet, both the action and the cupcake.  Here is my friend Sandy who treated me to my birthday dinner with the cupcake which she insisted I take home, which I did, and that I have since enjoyed:


Thanks for all the good wishes from present and long-ago friends.  A lovely, laid-back casual birthday. xoxoxoxo

Friendly Advice


Friendly Advice

If I’m not mistaken, you are caught there in your bubble
in your torn old housecoat with your legs covered in stubble.
Your pupils are dilated and your eyes are blank and glassy.
The air in this closed room has turned stale and dank and gassy.

I’m going to turn the light on now. You’ve been here in the dark
too long, so I am taking you outside to the park.
You’ve mourned enough. It’s time that you returned to the living.

It’s true years take away, but it’s also true they’re giving.

We’ll buy pistachio ice cream, feed your favorite duck
and talk about how fortunate we are to have such luck
to be alive and free and here in this glorious place

with ice cream in our tummies and sunlight on our face.

Go and take a shower and put on your best duds.

Wipe away your dolor with water and with suds.
Blow dry your hair until it looks casual and sporty.

I think that even you can survive this turning forty!!


Prompt words today were pupil, bubble, dark and mistaken.

Cleo’s Birthday Bouquet

For Cleo’s 98th birthday, she and her husband John treated 30 or more friends to dinner and drinks at Viva Mexico.  As we were all leaving, Tia Lupita presented Cleo with these gorgeous flowers from her garden. It’s the most beautiful bouquet I’ve seen in years and Cleo is the most beautiful birthday girl I’ve seen in that time as well.  She lives just a block from me and is John’s bride of two years. Happy Birthday, once again, Cleo!!


Click on photo to enlarge.

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Happy Easter, Happy Birthday!!!!

Today is my friend Patty Martin’s birthday, so I woke up early to be, hopefully, the first one to wish her happy birthday.  Since we are about a thousand miles apart and since I know she is on the road, visiting her kids and friends in Wyoming and Colorado, and since it was just 6:30 her time and too early to phone, , it had to be via email.  This is the message I sent her:

Which location in your pilgrimage are you at now?  Do you get a party or celebration at every one??? Woke up early today to the yowl of Annie demanding her breakfast.  That is always the first item on my agenda!  Then I realized what she was really doing was reminding me to get up and be the first to wish you a Happy Birthday, and Happy Easter!!!!

Did you know you were born on Palm Sunday? This year it is on Easter, and In your lifetime, your birthday has fallen on Easter just one other time–in 1957.

The next time it falls on Easter will be in 2052, so I think they’ll be celebrating without you!

Do you remember when you were nine having your birthday on Easter?  Did you have a bunny on your cake? If we were together today, you would have one.  I’m going to an Easter Egg hunt/brunch next door at Salvador and David’s house at noon. They rented Allenda’s old house from its new owners for two years. I won’t eat as I have an Easter comida to go to at Yves restaurant at 2:30 with Sandy, Harriet and Paul, Glenda, Gloria and Patricia Gail. We will sing Happy Birthday for you.

Animated GIF

Animated GIF
Animated GIF

Happy Birthday, dear friend!!!!!!    xooxox Judy

Then I got busy writing my three-prompt poem for today and for some reason, the birthday theme just stuck with me.  Here is the poem–a silly little bit of fluff:

Birthday Hint

(Just in case you are around on my next birthday)

It’s the ugly truth. I’m partisan when it comes to cake,
and though of course I’d have a piece, whatever one you make,
chocolate is my first choice and the one that I would favor.
There really isn’t any cake of any other flavor
that would please my palate half as much as that,
so if you’re taking the initiative to try to make me fat,
just bake a cake of chocolate and put a candle on it
and in return I’ll write my own Happy Birthday sonnet!!!!



Word prompts for today are partisan, initiative and ugly. Here are the links:

Best Birthday Ever

Matt asked us to tell about our best birthday ever. I would have to say that in spite of being sick on my last two birthdays, they turned out to be two of my favorite.  Here are links to posts that tell about this year’s birthday: 




For Daily Inkling

7:16 A.M.


Those wild cat rambles have done it.  I’m up, all meds taken, sitting at my desk. Morrie is outside on the terrace, surveying the sunrise to no avail because it is obscured by trees and houses and somewhat behind us even if it wasn’t. I’m finally trying to eat the birthday cupcake John brought me yesterday. Sans the whipped cream topping, it is bland enough for my stomach to take. Imagine me scraping off the whipped cream!  I like the dense texture of Mexican cakes. More like a muffin, actually.