Advice to a Poetry Critic

I wrote this for the figurative language prompt but missed the deadline for posting it by 30 minutes, so here it is in all its tardy glory!!!


Advice to a Poetry Critic

Each poet worth her salt adores
well-appointed metaphors,
but when they step up to the mike,
similes they only like.
Before you discuss simile
consult an expert vis a vis
the difference between the two
so you will never have to rue
mislabeling your imagery.
Hyperbole is not allusion,
so don’t add to the confusion.
Synecdoche to oxymoron––
as you choose what to write more on––
get their names right for your reader.
There’s more to poems than rhyme and meter!

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11 thoughts on “Advice to a Poetry Critic


    I picture this posted on a bulletin board. I confess I often forget and didn’t know one was perfumed over the other..

    Writing Roulette

    I spin the alphabet wheel
    hoping to land the right letters
    the ones I can add to the others I have
    for a winning combination
    If I’m lucky I’ll score a whole verse
    in an unbeatable streak of right words
    for the pay-off prize preferred by poets
    the rave reviews of critics

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  2. Marion Couvillion

    M. V. Couvillion (“Advice to a Poetry Critic”)

    Though I have been writing poetry for many years, it was mostly for my own enjoyment and “peace of mind”, making a subtle statement of what was on my mind, expressed in rhyme. I finally decided to post publicly a few years back and the opportunity came when a contest was put on by a town celebrating their centennial, They requested a poem with the subject based on the word “Peace”.

    Wow I had written just such a poem, on that very same subject, so I posted it. Unfortunately my poetry “rhymes”, just as Judy’s does, because this was what I was taught in school. While other types also appeal to me, this is what was more natural to my experience.

    So I posted it, and waited for an answer. NOTHING~! No “thanks, but no thanks”, they published many of the poems submitted. NOT ONE of the poems rhymed at all~!, none had cadence, or harmony, and many did not even approach the subject, or make a complete statement.

    What was wrong with my proud work~? I googled the work of the “Expert judges”, and every one of them only wrote those prose things, which often do not even tell a story or make a statement and not even one hint at rhyme or rhythm. While not putting down their efforts, the judges should have covered the full method spectrum. I feel that poetry is in the individual, and each type should stand along, with a broad understanding of what is out there. This had a real negative effect on me, and my efforts for a long time, not even writing and never trying again to “publish”.

    What I am saying is: what you like is for you to enjoy, and not everyone has the same outlook on what a “poem” should be. Thanks Judy, your work is what pleases and encourages me~! I do not find fault with the judges as much as the person who chose only those who wrote her kind of poetry~!

    Here is the poem that no “judge” liked:

    I need to ask you what is PEACE,
    A cliché says “Pax to the Max”,
    but is it a place, object or a feeling,
    let’s take a look at all the facts.

    It is a quiet place in the woods,
    It is being with one you love.
    It is thinking of something good,
    or even a photo of a dove.

    It is the sound of falling water,
    on a trickling mountain stream.
    Just thinking of one another,
    or even a pleasant dream.

    We only think that it’s the option,
    of not going away to war.
    Or getting rid of corruption,
    by putting the evil behind bars.

    When we look at someone dead,
    we say: “ now they are at peace”.
    When I hear that being said,
    I think “come on, would you please~?”

    We all desire peace, in all the lands afar,,
    it should be our prime desire,
    to do away with things of war,
    and stop the guns that fire.

    Marching with signs are very nice,
    and singing peace songs may be too,
    but getting rid of all the vice,
    could bring more peace to me and you.

    So keep a smiling peaceful face,
    say every peaceful word you know.
    having compassion for every race,
    is a the peaceful way to go.


    1. lifelessons Post author

      Exactly. In the end, you have to please yourself. After many years of writing unrhymed poetry, I returned to it for the discipline and the exercises it forced my mind to go through. That puzzle-like logic that it forces somehow straightens out a mind that was starting to have problems with certain sorts of orgnization. Now I write both, but more rhyme than usual because I like the fun of it. For the same reason, I write to 5 prompts to have to try to see a connection between them.



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