Dear Joan (Note Found Pinned to a Husband Left at the Curbside)

Dear Joan
(Note Found Pinned to a Husband Left at the Curbside )

We’ve been friends for forever, but I fear that we are through.
I have no further patience for the awful things you do.
Pretending to be humble, but not shouldering  the blame,
you’re just a kindred spirit in appearance and in name.
There’s no need for thanksgiving for you are that crafty kind
who is an ally when it’s easy but vanish in a bind.
Your friendship is fair weather, for you suddenly get busy
when good times are over and my life is in a tizzy.

I find myself alone in most times of perturbation.
Then you reappear when it is time for celebration.
Our need for help’s not only when we’re rolling in the clover,
so when it comes to friendship, I think our time is over.
A real friend should be one who also shares in all your sorrows
instead of all that sharing that happens when she borrows
appliances and money, your clothes and then  your house.
Then before you notice it, she’s borrowing your spouse.

So I must insist that you find a different friend.
There is really nothing new left for me to lend.
You’ll need a better job now that you have my honey,
for I am the one, my dear, who’s always had the money.
You’ll be needing to support him in his accustomed manner.
He needs a proper tailor and a booth to make him tanner.
He prefers the Riviera, Monte Carlo for the gambling,
a Lear jet for his weekends, Maseratis for his rambling. 

He was whining like a puppy—a most pitiful yelp—
when I dumped him at your walk-up, so I hope that you can help
him carry all his baggage up to your third-floor flat.
I fear he’s not accustomed to labor such as that.
Feed him three square meals a day. He fancies caviar.
But watch him like a hawk. I wouldn’t trust him very far.
You might survey your friends again and find one who is plucky
who will take him off your hands for you if you are really lucky!!!


Prompt words today are humble, shoulder, kindred, thanksgiving and kind. Photo by 俊逸 余 on Unsplash, used with permission.


9 thoughts on “Dear Joan (Note Found Pinned to a Husband Left at the Curbside)

    1. Marion Couvillion

      Oh Judy,
      I so love your poetry and your written outlook and attitude toward life, nature, the earth, love and companionship. This one I met with sad, mixed emotions, with my heart in my throat. I so often consider you my “alter ego”. But I must say that this poem points out awful things that happen so often in relationships~! It is a very sad poem of a marriage gone bad, and pointing out the reasons. It is sad both for the person writing the note, and the persons she is faulting, even if every word may be true.

      Maybe we should know more about such sad experiences for our edification, which I am sure is your manifestation. I hope we will more dwell on the fine things of life, such as you mostly do. I also hope you, as I have, written a follow up poem, on her life “after the dump”, and even possibly his and the adulteress(s) as well, but this may take a book. Not the type I usually read~!

      I too write poetry and many times you would find it surprising in seeing the similarity in our outlook; though yours is from the female point of view, while I am a man. I also have seen such marriages gone bad, including some close to me. Good advice is what is needed; like the fact that what we see is not always what we get. For instance it is difficult to find a good husband in a bar, etc. I often wish I could publish a comparative poem I have written, to yours, with the male side of a story. I have hundreds of them. I am working on fixing this…

      So where did she make a mistake of him, and just what happens to the poor lady he must be moving to next, if she does read the note, or ignores it….

      The one great thing I must say about the poem is it did make ME think~! Thanks for the joy you bring to so many~!



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