Unfortunate Signage: Last Apartments

Last Apartments

The Lake Chapala, Mexico area where this apartment building has been going up for over a year is home to the largest group of American and Canadian expats in the world—most of them over 60 years old. That taken into account, I don’t think its sign sends the correct message to their targeted renters. I’m sure the name “Last Apartments” is a rather unfortunate translation of “Ultimos Departamentos,” and for the superstitious, it is definitely not a great selling point. (Most probably, their intention was to convey that they will be the latest or best in design, but the translation from Spanish to English leaves the impression that no renter will be leaving the premises alive!)

Please post your own example of unfortunate signage on your blog, pingback to this page and use the tag “Unfortunate Signage.”

26 thoughts on “Unfortunate Signage: Last Apartments

        1. lifelessons Post author

          This happens all the time in Mexico, especially in menus. And to be fair, I have committed some really laughable faux pas speaking Spanish, so I understand it completely. I should start collecting them and reveal one of my own flubs each time I chuckle over someone else’s.

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            1. lifelessons Post author

              I have a whole book of Chinese signs in English. Yes, hilarious..but not as bad as I’d do trying to speak Mandarin. I once went from shop to shop asking if they had any penises when I was in Ethiopia and the first time I went to have my van washed in Mexico, I asked them to wash my pubic hair. No one outflubs me when it comes to foreign languages!!!

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            2. lifelessons Post author

              No one else has every mentioned it, Sadje, but it is right on the only main road that extends between all of the towns on the northern side of the lake and I chuckle every time I go by it.

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  1. slmret

    At first glance, I wondered if that meant they were finished building, and the sign was over the last of the bunch! In Hawaii, when they get to the top of a building, the last beam goes up with an American flag attached!

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    1. lifelessons Post author

      Yes.. I’ve passed this sign a hundred times without having my camera out and always driving myself. This time camera was coincidentally on the seat and there was a short stop in traffic. Just long enough for one shot through the side windowglass, but luckily I’d just had the car washed so glass was clean.

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