Confession to an Errant Grandchild


Confession to an Errant Grandchild

From the first, I called you “Piggy,” my small bundle in a poke.
You grew into a ham, as though you got the silly joke.
In return, you called me “Brammer,” for your whole younger life.
I ignored your teenage insolence, which cut me like a knife.

For years, you called me nothing, while off roaming with your friends.
I waited for your twenties, when you would make amends.
Those foggy baby early years, I’d held you in my arms,
your most ardent admirer, a captive of your charms.

When your parents fussed, I was always on your side.
Made cookies for your naughty friends, embraced your errant bride.
Wiped your babies’ noses, patted their small behinds,
as they toddled off to school, observed from behind blinds.

 So many decades later, sitting by my bed,
not knowing it was just a cold, fearing I’d soon be dead,
you asked why I was always there and why I didn’t balk
at your teenage indifference and your dismissive talk.

What was germane to the matter, I finally confessed,
was a truth which on your own you might have never guessed.
As I observed the recklessness of you and your rude crew,
In every naughty act, I saw a bit of me in you.

Prompt words today are brammer, germane, foggy, ardent and joke.

14 thoughts on “Confession to an Errant Grandchild

    1. lifelessons Post author

      It must be so wonderful, however, to see yourself extending into the future through her. Perhaps this is why grandparents have such a wonderful bond with grandkids. They have the time to really see the similarities and to build on them. My niece and mother were like partners in crime and it irritated my sister no end. Ha.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. koolkosherkitchen

        LOL Unfortunately, my Alisia is so far from me that I only get a chance to spend time with her for a few days twice a year. All the more amazing how she has the same interests and inclinations, even though noone has ever told you about mine.
        An old Russian joke: Why are grandparents always so close to their grandchildren? Because the enemies of our enemies are our friends (doesn’t apply to me!).



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