Relax. The World is Rosy.

Relax. The World is Rosy. 

A passenger on Air Force One has issued a decree.
In flights over the ocean, he’s noticed no debris.
Thus, reports of scientists concerning plastic trash
are, POTUS assures us, probably too rash.
Do not accept the evidence of scientists verbatim.
Comments by reality stars furnish better datum.
Wind turbines cause cancer. Global warming is a farce.

Proof that GMO’s are really harmful is too sparse.
Of course we are ecstatic to discover science is faulty.
Next they’ll make daft declarations that the ocean’s salty!!!


Trump Straws – Pack of 10

Truth is stranger than fiction? Yes, it is true the the Trump campaign has made $460,000 selling plastic soda straws with Trump’s name stamped on them.

The prompt words today are evidencetrash, daft, ecstatic and flights

17 thoughts on “Relax. The World is Rosy.

    1. lifelessons Post author

      I can’t stand to watch the impeachment live but look at updates now and then. Unbelievable, the tweets he’s been making. It is like we have a buly teenager in the Whitehouse. Not one bit of decorum. How can anyone support this corrupt fool? And now they are thinking of putting those testifying under military guard for protection? It’s beginning to sound like the cartel trials.


  1. Christine Goodnough

    Your rose is beautiful! I’ve never heard that wind turbines are linked to cancer — can’t imagine they would be — but they sure kill a lot of birds. The guys who clean up under them can vouch for that. So it seems man’s efforts to solve one problem often bring on another.
    Speaking of which, I think Mr Trump was supposed to be the cure for Mr. Obama’s nonchalant generosity; the next one in the Oval Office will be the cure for his faults.


      1. Christine Goodnough

        Maybe he’s got wind turbines mixed up with high-voltage power lines? I have heard that living or working near those high voltage electrical lines does increase the risk of cancer. But then you hear lots of things, even from the highest-ups. 😉

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