Knowledge by Committee

Image by Louis Velazquez on Unsplash, Used with permission.

Knowledge by Committee

Any person worth their mettle
would not deign to ever settle
for any type of education
that offered no irradiation

of the true facts of subsistence,
even though at the insistence
of the elected powers that be
to hide the facts of history

and science and of common sense
in order to make kids more dense
to matters of ecology
and climate change and chemistry.

Minds should be buoyant and not settle
on myths of village or of shtetl
in place of those proven by science.
Minds can’t be shackled by compliance

to nonsense garnered from the dockets
of men who seek to line their pockets—
carpetbaggers and buffoons 
who spout untruths and whistle tunes

taught to them by corporations
who feed them piecemeal their orations
that they’re doing for our good
those things in fact which place a hood

over our heads to hide the truth.
When government has grown uncouth,
what’s left except to rail and shout
that we must throw the traitors out!


Prompt words today are buoyant, settle, irradiate and tune.

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