Perfect Ending

Perfect Ending

Reflecting on the old year, he was glad that it was over.
The past year had been full of weeds, devoid of four-leaf clover.
He’d lost his job, divorced his wife and now that he took stock
of all the horrid happenings ticked out on his clock,

he devised a way to end it all. Compiled  every ingredient.
If he was to do this thing, he thought it was expedient
to make a resolution to stage a perfect exit.
He’d do the whole deed solo so no one else could hex it.

He staged a stellar ending—one beyond compare.
He chose the perfect outfit, fussed over nails and hair,
then raised a glass of bubbly as the old year died.
Were you, perhaps, confused at first, expecting suicide????

(Nope, a new beginning!!!)

Prompt words today are stellar, ending, begin, reflect and clock.

15 thoughts on “Perfect Ending

  1. Christine Goodnough

    Get out my tux & tails, fuss with hair and nails…
    I’m ready to watch the new year break;
    drink a gallon of coffee so I stay awake.

    Happy New Year. Glad your fellow decided to begin again. It sounded rather bleak. 😉


    1. lifelessons Post author

      We had a laid back New Years eve. I had a migraine headache all night, then rallied for lasagna and Mexican Train–a dominos game. Three houseguests leaving tomorrow. Happy New Years, Christine….



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