Verse for a Reclusive One

Verse for a Reclusive One

I refuse to say goodbye. I’d rather say hello
if you should ever come back from where you have to go.
In the interim, I’ll let my memories be my guide.
Sometimes they are the safest places to abide.
You decried my frivolous gestures, yet ate up all the cake
those birthdays when you swore festivities were a mistake.
Oh, my reclusive loved-one, why do you hide away?
You do not have the answer. That’s why you never say.

Prompts for today are goodbye, refuse, guide, frivolous and cake.

5 thoughts on “Verse for a Reclusive One

  1. slmret

    I don’t think so, Judy — if you kept your writing to yourself, that might be the case, but you share your thoughts with the world — memories can also be a good jumping off point from which to live and make new memories.

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