Frida Resumes Her Perch

Frida Resumes her Perch

If you have been around for awhile, you know about my dog Frida, who passed away in October, 27 months ago.  At that time, I published this poem in her memory:
which was about, among other things, her love of standing on the dome of my house and supervising the world about her. For two years, I fantasized about finding a dog similar to her and cementing it to the dome with her ashes inside so she could spend eternity in her favorite spot. Finally, I located what I thought was the right dog, and this is the story that followed:

Please click on photos to enlarge and read the captions.

Ironically, the day Gerardo and his brother were due to come permanently install Frida’s memorial, my cat of 18 years, Annie, finally grew so ill that I called the vet to come to the house to put her to sleep, and luckily Gerardo and brother didn’t make it, but came instead today. Somehow this reaching of the goal to memorialize Frida helped somewhat to dilute the sadness over Annie’s  departure. Plans are in the works for her memorial.  R.I.P. beloved friends.

9 thoughts on “Frida Resumes Her Perch

  1. slmret

    What a wonderful memorial — Frida will become a landmark in your community! There’s a dog in Santa Barbara with a similar story — he stands on a street corner in front of a rather large, iconic home. When the house was sold, the dog stayed with the house, rather than moving with the people, and it has since become “the house with the dog!” I believe it’s for sale again (or has just sold), with the dog attached!


  2. Marilyn Armstrong

    lt’s never the right time to say goodbye but you seem to have made peace with it. I sorry with you, but your furry ones were ready to go and that makes it somehow feel only sad, not tragic. More joy will come. I see it in the stars. Our stars.

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