Change of Tune

Change of Tune

A new aesthetic each few years from dead head to new waving.
It seemed a change of music was to be his signature craving.
Disco led to hip hop, new age to heavy metal.
When moving to new rhythms, he felt in finest fettle.
Some found his music vile and others found it strange,
but at least within a year or two, it was bound to change.
The prestige of being “with it” was probably the reason
he changed his favorite style of music every other season.


Prompts today are aesthetics, strange, vile, prestige and wave.

14 thoughts on “Change of Tune

        1. lifelessons Post author

          Not really important, but supporting my case:

          The Band Mastered So Many Different American Music Genres
          As documented above, the Grateful Dead was a pioneering band of the psychedelic era in music, but it began as a blues band. Their first studio record was very much a blues album, and the blues is what the Grateful Dead always came back to during their incredible run. When the appeal for psychedelic music began to trail off, the Grateful Dead went country, and was able to do so with authority since Jerry Garcia had already been working as a steel guitar studio player. Jerry guided the Dead in a country direction and it arguably resulted in the band’s greatest musical era. 1970’s Workingman’s Dead and American Beauty are some of the finest country records ever released, and the band regularly covered songs like Merle Haggard’s “Mama Tried” and other country standards in their live sets. Jerry Garcia was also later part of the bluegrass supergroup Old and In The Way.
          But when it came time for the band to move on from the country sound, they showed their alacrity and prowess as musicians in the jazz album Blues For Allah. They showed their skills with reggae and funk on Shakedown Street. And in 1987, the rock album In The Dark won the group its greatest commercial success, coming in at #6 on the Billboard 200, and giving the Grateful Dead their first #1 (and Top 40) song with “Touch of Grey.”
          Representing nearly all of the diverse and important genres that go into making the wider American music tapestry during its run, the Grateful Dead proved not just its proficiency, but its dedication to distinctly American music forms.
          They Had A Major Cultural Impact

          oxox J

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          1. koolkosherkitchen

            Not that it’s, and who am I to say anything, since any kind of that type of music was forbidden in Russia in my times, and we only heard it “on bones,” I,e, pirated homemade versions cut on discarded x-ray films.
            Their music was certainly eclectic, and they have experimented with different genres and different sound, but I still think of Jerry Garcia as the predecessor of heavy metal. I was already here when The Dark came out, and Jerry was playing a “metal” guitar.


            1. koolkosherkitchen

              One of my cousins had a whole lab in his room, cutting music “on bones.” You cut it the same way you cut vinyl. Both his parents were pulmonologists, so he had unlimited access to used x-ray film. If caught, it would fetch 3 – 5 years for “spreading anti-Soviet propaganda.”
              I was kicked out of the country in 1978.


  1. Leland Olson Hoel

    He was in tune with the times and his inner self very closely.
    Judy, I just contacted senator John Thune’s office, 202 224 3121 and asked him to vote for more witnesses in the Senate hearing, and to do it in memory of Senator John McCain. I doubt if it will do any good they’re going be voting at any minute. You should give him a call and tell him you are an old school mate from Murdo, he could be the one vote that will count, they don’t have enough votes right now to get more witnesses. He could swing it, I hope he’s got enough guts to do it! Take care.



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