Damning Science

Damning Science

Wisdom newly learned or tribal,
from Koran or Scroll or Bible
demarcates a line between
what shouldn’t or what should be seen
or said or listened to or done.
No matter how seemingly fun,
some things cannot be integrated.
No masterpiece is tolerated
if banned by the censor’s tool.
Thus do bigots thrive and rule
spouting truths long since belied—
asserting them as bonafide.

These half-truths to reason’s sorrow
may dictate how we live tomorrow—
our whole world screwed up by some fools
who bend the laws to their own rules,
spouting words skewed to their favor,
creating slogans dullards savor.
There is one rule for what the zealots shout.
After you have heard them out,
use your good sense to judge the acts
of those determining the facts.
Use your powers of reason to test
those who rule at our behest.

Prompt words today are masterpiece, tribal, integrated and demarcate

11 thoughts on “Damning Science

  1. Grace

    So good. It is not easy to use this rhyme scheme and still make perfect sense and not read awkwardly. Well done! “creating slogans dullards savor.” Love that!

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  2. Eilene Lyon

    Yes, this is happening and probably always will. Serious lack of critical thinking going on in the world. And too much money held by the ruling class. People like the Kochs continue to do everything they can to dumb down society and create a compliant army of drones to do their bidding.

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  3. Christine Goodnough

    This is life on planet Earth. If all standards, rules, and laws were abolished tomorrow and any and all behaviour would suddenly be okay, out of the ensuing chaos someone (usually the strongest) would introduce some rules of behaviour because we simply can’t exist without them.

    Doesn’t matter what our take, though;by nature we’re inclined to think our rules are the good, fair, sensible ones and other people’s rules are the dumb, restrictive, and generally bad ones.

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