Equal to the Challenge?

Equal to the Challenge?

Whereas  the stage of life for folks my age is likely terminal,
the young are at a stage that is best described as germinal.

They boomerang through life, it seems, from one thing to another—
from party girl to partner, to wife and then to mother.

Their progress through this life is one that we have laid the ground for.
Where we have already been is likely where they’re bound for.

Those obstacles that soured us are ones we hope they’ll solve.
I guess that is the means by which humans must evolve.

War, disease and famine, global warming through pollution—
 we set up each problem. Will they create the solution?

Prompt words today are boomerang, terminal, young, sour and progress.

17 thoughts on “Equal to the Challenge?

    1. lifelessons Post author

      They do it everywhere. Here at the lake, on the shore where I have wintered for years. I see plastic bottles sailing out of car windows going down the road. Just once I saw a car screech to a stop and a teenager got out of the back seat and retrieved the bottle. But that is just once in 18 years. On a positive side, there are now recycling bins all along the streets–almost always filled to the brim with plastic bottles.

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      1. lifelessons Post author

        The photo of all the bottles was taken on the shore of Lake Chapala, directly below where I live. People come here on the weekend from Guadalajara and leave all their garbage. Clearly the uninformed or the don’t give a damns!!!


  1. Christine Goodnough

    That’s a very good question. The younger generation is used to having things even easier, or more of it, than we were. Not sure if they’ll have the willpower to bother, or if they’ll just make more noise about the mess. That “Picking up starfish on the beach,” poem could apply to individuals picking up trash, too. Or at least not tossing it overboard while cruising the sunny seas.



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